About Me

I’m a nineteen-year-old girl, and my name is Shreya Pandey. I’m from India, currently living in New Delhi. I love, love, love to write, and have been writing regularly for the past six years. I’m currently working on my third novel (you can read it on my Wattpad Account!)

I’m lazy (very) and don’t do something on my own unless I absolutely have to. But that in no way means I’m a dependent person. I just choose my endeavors very carefully. I’m a staunch supporter of feminism and the LGBT community. I’m an INTJ through, and through (the rarest personality type among females) I’m very straight-forward and I wish I was empathetic, but I usually choose my brain over heart, and cannot understand when other people choose to do the opposite. I love watching horror movies and sometimes even romance.

I’m socially awkward, and not a people’s pleaser. Rather, I choose to stay true to myself, irrespective of whether people will like me or not. I don’t have many friends, just a chosen few that I deeply appreciate. These are the people I am my less poised self with. My expectations in a romantic partner are very high, and till date I’ve not encountered anyone who fully meets them.

I feel very deeply about things. I do get hurt, but I have this awesome skill where I’m able to convince my brain to not mourn; instead I target the negative feelings to do something productive. I usually seem plain, and quite in front of acquaintances and strangers. However, I’m very bubbly in front of my friends. I avoid expressing my emotions in front of people. Simply because I think showing people how you truly feels makes you vulnerable.

It’s very hard to be friends with me. Simply because I dismiss people off immediately. I cannot, for the life of me, engage in pointless conversations that are leading nowhere. I love engaging in intellectual debates and conversations. Speaking of debates, I almost always win the argument at hand. I am naturally sarcastic. My tendency to roll my eyes at people and silently judge them is very high. I can be ruthlessly straightforward, often hurting people unintentionally.

You’re probably bummed out by now. But I do have some really good qualities. I’m very loyal to the people I care about. I try to be there for them whenever they need me. I’m a cute little softie, who will demand you for hugs at any possible time. I will always be honest with you, and never let you take a bad, or rash decision. I also have a very dirty mind and my sense of humor is very dark. You don’t need to tame your thoughts in front of me.


35 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Aman Pandey says:

    Hi Shreya, the one thing that pulled me to see your blog and go through it is the surname that we both share. It kind of felt someone from my extended family, anyway I loved your writings and keep up the goodness in ur writing, that’s all i can wish for u. Bye bye


  2. Indrajeet says:

    Hi Shreya, you write really well, just loved your writings. I believe writer’s mind is the most curious place on this earth. I would like to know what is your motivation for your thoughts.


  3. Solo* says:

    The strangest part about, ‘about me’s’, is: it was created with the idea of letting people know, why they should come to you. That is how some people see it. You just made it about why they shouldn’t come to you. (In all fairness, at least you tried. Just FYI, you failed.) What you did do, was tell yourself and somewhere everyone else, what kind of people should come to you. Freaking genius. I wish I had figured that out when I was 19. All I used to write was: simple, placid, sometimes evil, sometimes not.


  4. Vi Jai says:

    Read about yourself… it reflects most of my character :p while reading “You’re probably bummed out by now”, I was like, are you kidding me? This is me… most of it.


  5. Sachin K Salim says:

    I don’t know how good your poems are because I lack the sense to comprehend and appreciate poems. Your stand on people and their lifestyle and the way you described about yourself is what led me here to leave a comment. Keep writing. You’ve a great future ahead.


  6. Shashank says:

    You lost me at “feminism”. Stupid ideology followers preaching superiority of women everywhere they feel comfortable about. Sorry, just dropped by to see if you had anything worth following for.


    • Shreya says:

      You clearly don’t know anything about feminism then, if you think it’s about superiority. Sorry, nope. It’s inter-sectional now. So that means it has moved beyond just two genders, to include caste, class, race, etc. It’s also about equality. Go read or something.


  7. Tilak Bochiwal says:

    “I feel very deeply about things. I do get hurt, but I have this awesome skill where I’m able to convince my brain to not mourn; instead I target the negative feelings to do something productive. I usually seem plain, and quite in front of acquaintances and strangers.”
    So, do you think whatever you write is your escape from your sufferings or the feeling of recently occured happiness?
    If No, then what boosts your imagination into the infinity?
    If yes, what happens when you feel nothing, if there is no sadness no happiness?
    Or are your writings are the product of emotions you feel caused by the action of others or by you?
    I know, very odd questions, but I just want know… What takes you THERE in you mind…


    • Shreya says:

      >It’s a bit of both. These days I rarely feel sad, or happy. So I use past experiences to write something. If I do feel happy, which is rare, I write so that I can preserve that feeling in written words.
      >It can be anything. A song, the way the sky looks, the realization that every human has a story, that we’re all made of stories. It can be a book or a movie or something I’ve read. It’s random.
      >When I feel empty, which is most days. I try to write about that emptiness. Or I try to go back to a time when I felt. But it’s hard so I usually end up writing nothing.
      >My writings are the the products of emotions, period. Its cause can be I myself, or someone else.


      • Tilak Bochiwal says:

        I appreciate you for being wide open.
        I’m sensitive too for the emotions of people around me.
        May be this is the reason I could feel every bit of emotion while reading your ART.
        What is important for a person to do whose emotions are peeking out of his heart and just waiting to come into reality and turn into beautiful words?
        Yeah, that person is me… I try a lot to write but most of them are in my garbage can… Because it feels like, “It is not what i felt” i just want them to pour out just the way they are…
        Do you see hope?


      • Tilak Bochiwal says:

        Ooh… One more thing, ever face any situation where you felt nothing?
        But still you wrote something? Without thinking about anyone, anything or anywhere? Just out of the wood something magical came and hit you with amusement? And you got surprised by not being able to realise What the hell did it come from? But it’s Beautiful?


      • Shreya says:

        Initially, no. Writing has almost always been a conscious decision for me, triggered by something specific. THe most random it has gotten is when I’m suddenly bombarded by a strange feeling and I feel the need to pen it all down.
        This feeling you described though, of feeling or thinking nothing, just writing. That happens sometimes when I start writing. It happened with the latest poem I posted on this blog. I wasn’t sure what I’d wanted to express but suddenly I was writing, and the words were pouring out one after the other, and once it was over, it was beautiful.


  8. Ashish Santhalia says:

    Hi Shreya,
    I was going through your answers and found your perspective quite helping on different life issues. I am working on a platform which will help young people to handle relationship issues. There’s a lot that we can do to help these people put their life back on track.
    I would love to talk to you about the same. Let me know if there’s a better way to reach out to you.


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