How Do Empty People Write?


How do empty people write?



They go back to the same scars

And claw them open,

Again and again.

They puncture half-healed wounds

And draw blood

Till their veins scream for reprieve.



They cut open their ribs

And lets their heart spill

On the linoleum floor.

Then they sit down and translate

Their agony into words.



They look for ways

To undo their emotional deaths;

Look for the aftertaste,

Of their lover’s kisses

On the lips of strangers.

They try to find love

At all the wrong places.




They tread down

The same treacherous roads

With their eyes closed.

Hunting for the demons

That made them want to die

Once upon a time.

Tasting danger makes them feel alive.



They unlock the box of darkness

That they store in their bodies.

They summon the shadows

Residing within their soul.

They turn themselves inside out

And spit out words that make them feel.




How do empty people write?

They don’t.

Not always.

Sometimes they just sit and scream for hours

In their own pool of blood

Without expelling a sliver of sound.

They grasp for words that never come.

Their darkness chokes them alive.


6 thoughts on “How Do Empty People Write?

  1. Parikshit says:

    OMG, I hope you aren’t writing in a situation as what you put it in your first part
    That was really scary… looks like kinda Vampire thing
    I could understand the intensity but still, it was quite scary
    But as I scroll down to the last part (which I liked the most) I feel it is the true intensity which is factual rather than fictional.
    Great work… Keep going


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