On Poetry


(picture credits: fitsaudi.com, acquired via pinterest)


Someone once asked me:

Why do we need poetry?

And I’d sat and thought,

And thought, and thought.

But couldn’t figure out,

Why we need poetry;

What makes it so necessary.

What is hidden in the depths

Of meter and metaphors,

In rhyme and repetition,

In imagery and alliteration?

What is it that makes poetry

So significant to human existence?

Just a collection of words

Floating through one’s consciousness,

Falling on the lips

Of someone else.


Clarity came to me at 2 AM

When the world was dark

And my heart was darker still.

Not just darker, but heavier.

My soul crushed with burdens

I didn’t ask for.

I dived into the world of words

Let literary osmosis do its work,

And came to a profound conclusion.

Seeing all the words trickle out of

Empty hearts and heavy souls,

I realized I’m not really alone.


And so, this is what poetry tells us:

That there have been thousands

Who have felt the pain you have,

Suffered the fate you have,

Across boundaries of time and space,

Throughout history,

In different countries.

That pain is recurring, but it’s also transient.

And maybe even, inevitable.

But it’s not the end,

Doesn’t always lead to emotional death.

That you can rip out your heart

And bleed on blank paper,

And still live,

Still survive.

It hurts but it also fuels creativity.

That embedded in this darkness

Is a beautiful poetry

Waiting to be unleashed.


©Shreya Pandey, 2017

I hate that the words flow only when I’m sad. I wish I could write more. 


3 thoughts on “On Poetry

  1. Parikshit says:

    Great work…. Shreya
    The Lines that hit me the most….
    Just a collection of words
    Floating through one’s consciousness,
    Falling on the lips
    Of someone else
    Truly Articulate,
    The Beauty of Poetry is, it looks simple Yet complicated in its own way.

    Liked by 2 people

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