Image credits: Anna O. Photography


If our love was a poem,

It would be like those I scribble

In my notebook at 3 AM:

The ones that are never completed.


I spend hours writing them,

Perfecting every poetic device,

Trying to make all the words rhyme.

But it’s never enough.


I’m never enough.


And so the poems stay half-written,

With a messed up beginning

And an abrupt end;

Stopping at a random phrase,

A half-written sentence that makes no sense.


And for the next few weeks,

I stay obsessed;

Coming back to it,

Again and again.

Trying to finish something,

That was never supposed to begin.


©Shreya Pandey, 2016



13 thoughts on “Unfinished

  1. Mewara Donald Aditya says:

    Came across your blogs last night and I had no choice, but had to write this to you. And I would recommend you to keep writing , to be able to appreciate the delight that I felt after reading the subtle simplicity and the raw meaning that you have attempted toc express in your piece of writing. It’s not a reply, but a rejoinder to my feelings for keeping it so blunt and raw. The titles were more than enough to reveal the way You wanna show.


  2. Venkatesh M K says:

    Not because you can’t, but you don’t want to.
    Is it ephemeral or eternal?. You know it is improbable, but all you need is, possible.


  3. Ashish Pathak says:

    Your poem gave chills. I went through all my past relatinships in a flash, Your words have the ability to capture the chaos and serenity of this thing we call love. You should get this published. I would pay to read this shit. 😀


  4. Manas Mishra says:

    The personification of obsession to complete poem to your lover(Which i understood as it happened to me .I couldn’t complete it) is awesome.It was so real and engaging.Awesome.


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