Your Favorite Book


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Treat me like your favorite book.
Run your fingers down my spine
When you feel melancholic.
Hold me against your chest and
Cradle me in your arms;
I want to be loved by you.

Read all my pages;
Every sentence, every phrase,
Every word.
Remember them.
Fold the pages that are
Your favorite. Re-read them.

See a part of yourself
In a part of me; like meeting
An old friend you lost contact with.
I want to unearth old wounds;
See your scars, your gashes
And heal them.

Lose yourself in my poetry.
I am a concoction of
Literary devices.
You need to read between the lines
And claw through my layers.
I am an enigma, an anomaly.

Fall in love with me.
All of me.
I want to consume your thoughts
For hours. I want to be the person
You can’t get enough of, so you
Return and re-examine every inch.

I want to make you question
Everything you know.
I want to stimulate your intellect &
Undress your thoughts. Touch the
Inner recesses of your mind;
Unlock & Unravel you.

I end in a cliff-hanger,
And there’s no sequel.
I’ll make your heart race
And leave you with questions.
I am a riddle
That cannot be solved.

You thought the addiction
Would be short-lived, but
I am unforgettable.
No matter how far you go;
How many books you read.
Your heart will always, come back to me.

Shreya Pandey © 2016



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