Looking For Love in Motel Rooms


(image courtesy: http://chalard-maud.tumblr.com/)

So she lets his fingers grace
Her scarred skin,
And lets him kiss her
With his tainted lips.
She knows this won’t
Go past this night.
But in his arms,
She comes alive.

Smeared lipstick,
And red love-bites.
Her hands pulling his hair,
His mouth near her thighs.
The air is electric.
The night is divine.
He whispers dirty things
She lets out a sigh.

She knows it’s wrong,
But it feels so right.
Fucking strangers
Gives her a high,
Under dim lights
In cheap motel rooms
They touch her body
And make her swoon

His calloused hands,
Caress her delicious curves.
Body on body
They make love.
And after all is said and done,
She leans in and asks a question
Hoping one of them
Will give the right answer.

She says, will you fill
This gaping hole in my chest?
Can you eliminate
This hollow feeling that
Isn’t a feeling at all?
My skin craves touch
But my heart
Craves more.

Can you give me love?
Can your eyes look past,
this body and appreciate my soul?
Can you learn to love
The ghost that resides within
This skin
That you love to touch?

They stammer and they stutter.
Sometimes they leave without a word.
We’re only here to pleasure our bodies, they say
So from where did the heart come?
She searches their faces,
Looks into their eyes,
Hoping to see the familiar
Sadness that grips her soul.

Hoping to see someone
Who’s there for more.
Who’s been filling his lungs,
With cigarette smoke.
Hoping someone would want his
Stained soul;
Who is looking for love,
In motel rooms.

© Shreya Pandey, 2015


One thought on “Looking For Love in Motel Rooms

  1. Jeyakarthikeyan says:

    Really a good turnaround at the end and showing that everyone need love in their life..
    “Can you give me love?
    Can your eyes look past,
    this body and appreciate my soul?
    Can you learn to love”- so strong words
    #keep it up SP👍


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