Faking Feelings

Don’t gaze into
The deep blue of her eyes
And feed her lies you concocted
On the spot as she stood
Flustered and unsure
Don’t hold her hands grazing
Your thumb over the palm
Of her hand telling her
She’s special
When she isn’t
Don’t touch her skin
Kindling sparks you
Never intended to Ignite
Making her fall when
You don’t intend to catch
Don’t make her laugh today
When you plan to make her
Cry tomorrow and cause
Heart ache when you leave
And I know you will leave
Don’t fake feelings when
You know you will shatter
Her heart beyond repair she
Is laying awake on her bed right now
Replaying all the words you said
Don’t wait any longer go
Call her right now and confess
That you’ve been playing with her feelings
And messing with her head
From the start
Don’t think it won’t break her heart
When you finally shatter her dreams
But it’s better to burn her with the truth
Then comfort her with a lie
That will incinerate her heart one day
© Copyright Shreya Pandey

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