Thoughts of a Ceraunophile

I love the thunder, and lightening, that Iights up the violet sky. I love the way the sky looks so calm and serene before it bursts alive, the lightening divides the sky into a patchwork, making it look like broken pieces of glass alligned together. It’s magical.

The thunderstorms make me feel small, maybe that’s why I like it. It comforts me to know somewhere out there lies something much bigger and mightier than me and everything that surrounds me.
I love the thunderous sounds that shake the Earth; that almost blow up the dark night sky. It’s like a fight, a duel between the clouds–that stir the skies, before the rain arrives to pacify it.
A rush of adrenaline surges through me when a thunderstorm arrives. I close my eyes, immersing myself in the noise of the thunder and flash of the lightening.
But most of all, thunderstorms remind me that I’ve changed, that I’ve developed, grown up. When I was younger, the thunder used to scare me. I would curl up in a ball and prop a pillow over my ears, pretending the sky wasn’t blowing up outside. But now? I look outside my window, with my eyes opened wide–fascinated by the beauty and strength of it.
Somethings are terrifying yet beautiful.
© Copyright Shreya Pandey

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