Healing Wounds

After you left,

I Took my broken pieces

To someone who cared;

Bared my soul naked

To them. But I didn’t ask

Them to fix it.

For I knew that they couldn’t.

I only wanted to hear words

That would heal all my wounds.

But all they did was looked

Me in the eyes and told

Me to bear

The overwhelming pain.

They said darling let yourself bleed,

And learn to live with it.

For only his words can mend

The wounds he has caused.

But he’s not around to heal you,

Only time can do that now.

You must get on with your life

And pay no attention to the gashes.

In time they shall turn into scars,

Like fire turns to ashes.

The pain might never go.

The scars shall always be there

To remind you of this.

But your soul will learn to breath,

Without aching for his.

 © Copyright Shreya Pandey

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