Pick Up The Broken Pieces of Your Heart

Pick up the broken pieces of your heart and
Stick them back together again I
Know it won’t be the same but
That’s what you get my dear for
Loving someone too much and too soon.

You knew it the moment he stepped
Into your life that he was different from
The ones you’d met before he
Had the potential to make
And completely break you.

And suddenly he was everywhere and
In everything even the air that your
Lungs inhaled and the sounds that made
Your heart thud twice as fast he was
In and around every piece of your life.

It scared you to the point of
Breathlessness how a single human
Boy could induce
Feelings of such intensity in
A girl who holds back so much.

He wrecked your simple world with
Chaos and promises that he would
Break one day he made you climb
The rocks and take the plunge into
A heart break soon to come.

Falling you were falling fast but
For the first time you felt
Fearless he had successfully burned a fire
In you heart but little did you know that
He would leave you in embers when he left.

He came and changed everything
About you and at that time it felt right
But now you can see the damage he did
It wasn’t as beautiful as you’d expected it to be
But you wouldn’t change it for the world.

They say every once in a while
Someone comes along and leaves with
A piece of your heart but he was different
For he didn’t take a piece
He took your whole heart.

© Copyright Shreya Pandey


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